Bermuda Election 2012

Last night as a journalist I had a chance to witness history in the making. Sounds exciting except that what it really means is I spent several hours huddled on a damp, very hard step outside Harrington Sound Primary trying to surreptitiously figure out what was going on inside the polling station as the votes were counted. Of course it was impossible. My eyes and ears just aren’t that good. In my constituency the OBA won and the PLP lost. My candidate was bitterly disappointed, and surprised.

On the way home at 12.30am I had some thoughts about what I would like to see from the next government in terms of behaviour.

1. I don’t want to see them dismissing people as potential voters because they don’t fit some imagined demographic based on race and class. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. 

2. I don’t want to see them running around acting like the big man about town. When my representative attends a church service or some other event, he does not need to sit up front. He can sit where there’s a seat. HUMILITY COUNTS.

3. I’d like to see my representative in my neighbourhood some time other than voting day. I would be nice if he attended parish meetings and neighbourhood watch events. I elected my representative to represent the constituency as well as the party. BEING PRESENT COUNTS.

4. I never want to hear my representative say that corruption is okay because the last government did it. If we wanted the last governments morality we would not have voted them out.  INTEGRITY COUNTS.

5. It would nice to hear this government carrying out well researched and articulate debates. It would be nice if my representative knew the difference between womb and wound. INTELLIGENCE COUNTS.

6. I don’t want to see my government driving their cars to the beach in shiny, expensive GP cars that I paid for. They can take their own car, drive a scooter or take the bus like everyone else. Children are hungry and people are hurting in this community. The big shiny cars are offensive. MODERATION COUNTS.

7.  Most of all I want to feel that myself, my children, my family, the people I care about and my community, all 60,000 of us, COUNT.

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