Paid genealogy sites

I’m always surprised when people say they have been researching their genealogy for years but aren’t subscribed to any paid genealogy sites. Paid genealogy sites such as and are my weaknesses. Some women buy expensive shoes, I sign up to databases. If you have $300 to spare I highly recommend . This is sort of the mega genealogy site and they gobble up genealogy records all over the world. It’s particularly useful if your ancestors have connections in the US, but they also have UK records and access to family trees posted by other members. Warning, it’s easy to subscribe online but you have to call a toll free number to unsubscribe. When you are subscribing to paid genealogy databases always take the time to do the math. Usually the annual rate is cheaper than the quarterly or monthly rate. And the bill will charge to your card until your card expires. You have to watch the British websites. They have a slightly different system of “credits”. They want you to buy credits that buy a certain amount of information. One thing about ancestry, if they add new records while you are subscribed, they will not charge you extra to access them. But I have found with some of the British sites, every time you think you have full membership there is something else you can’t access without paying more for. Argh. though has more British records and there are also more British people signed up who have posted British family trees. There are also a lot of Australians on the site. On this site you can access British passenger records entry and exit, which is one of the main reasons I like it.


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