What Moniz Am I

In Bermuda, once you tell someone your name, they begin trying to place you in a context. What school did you go to, is a subtle question about class. The next question is What Moniz Are You? My answer imight be the McGalls Hill Moniz. Once they have your answer the person usually sorts through every Moniz they know from that area and then begins to sort you into the family context. Whose child and grandchild are you? When I tell my parents I have interviewed or met someone new, they usually sort through a Rolodex of people in their minds and give me the whole family rundown.

3 thoughts on “What Moniz Am I

  1. Hi Jessie, great site. What can your parents tell you about the Manuel & Rosie (Sousa) Corday family or the William & Marjorie (Spencer) Gibbons family?
    I’ve so many unanswered questions, I wish there was a direct line to Heaven.
    cheers, Judy (Gibbons) Corday

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